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IPC Eagle CT46B50 W/140ah AGM battery


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  • Adjustable Handle
  • Central Flow System
  • 11 Gallon Removable Tank
  • 140ah AGM Battery-Operated
The IPC Eagle CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is an automatic scrubber that provides the maximum power available in a compact floor cleaner. Its innovative design keeps weight and power evenly distributed, allowing this machine to efficiently clean large industrial areas with ease. The IPC Eagle CT46 takes care of routine industrial cleaning with no fuss and no hassle. 

The IPC Eagle CT46 increases productivity in cleaning through its innovative design. Its compact nature, comfortable grip handle and easy to use control panel make using this machine both simple and effective. This machine's efficient cleaning can save time and money. 

Clean cord-free

Cords tethering floor cleaners to the wall cause tripping hazards and limit the range of the cleaner. The IPC Eagle CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber does not require a cord for use. Once fully charged, the scrubber may be removed from its cord for the duration of the cleaning project. This frees the machine to navigate rooms regardless or wall outlet placement or cord length.

On a full charge, the battery can power the CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for up to two hours, ensuring that the entire cleaning job gets done in one go, without the need to stop and recharge. 

Versatility in cleaning

The IPC Eagle CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber can clean multiple floor surfaces. The machine applies pressure to the brush to provide the perfect fit between brush and floor. The head of the brush is self-leveling and self-adjusting so no patch of floor is missed. Three different brush heads can be attached: a nylon brush for average cleaning, a soft brush for fragile floor surfaces, and a pad driver for vinyl composition flooring. 

Long lasting and durable 

The IPC Eagle CT46 is built to serve a business's cleaning needs for years to come. The tank and surrounding body are constructed from durable, high-density polyethylene that resists damage from both water and physical trauma. The control panel is designed to resist water as well as humidity. 

The brush head and squeegee system are both designed to withstand harsh impact so the CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber keeps cleaning strong through even the biggest jobs. Additionally, the squeegees can be used on all four sides before needing to be replaced, lengthening the lifespan of each squeegee. 

Maintenance is streamlined and often tool-free. No tools are required to switch between the three different brush heads. The spin-on, spin-off brush mechanism allows for seamless switching between brush modes. Quick, routine cleaning can extend the life of any machine. The IPC Eagle CT46 can be easily disassembled to enable access to internal compartments when it comes time to clean them. This allows for simple, hassle-free upkeep to maintain the lifespan of the machine without scheduled, in-depth maintenance. Cleaning can be easily completed on a regular schedule by cleaning staff. 

Cross-industry use

The CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber has applications across multiple industries. This industrial cleaner is chosen frequently in industries where the need to cover large floor spaces is matched by a need for maneuverability. The IPC Eagle CT46 has an ergonomically designed, compact body that can easily maneuver around furniture and corners while still holding the power to clean up to 17,000 square feet an hour via its 20 inch cleaning brush width. 

The IPC Eagle CT46 is ideal for the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Cleaning
  • Retail
  • Education

Decreased energy consumption

The IPC Eagle CT46 makes cleaning eco-friendly. Energy consumption is down 20 percent from previous machines and runtime is up 20 percent. Noise level has been lowered to just 62Db, allowing cleaning to take place during operational hours and in sensitive areas with minimal disruption. The IPC Eagle CT46 is an overall cost reduction due to its lengthened program maintenance. 

Additional Features

The IPC Eagle CT46 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber comes equipped with additional features to further its versatile cleaning abilities.

  • Adjustable handle
    The handle can be folded and adjusted to multiple different angles. This allows the IPC Eagle CT46 to be easily maneuvered under and around tables, chairs and other low surfaces. The flexibility of the IPC Eagle CT46 eliminates the need for moving furniture, so each room can get a truly deep clean without any heavy lifting. 
  • Central flow system
    The central flow system keeps everything running smoothly. Cleaning solution and dirt from the floor are both channeled to the proper receptacles with no mixing or leaks. 
  • 11 gallon removable tank
    The IPC Eagle CT46 boasts an 11 gallon tank so that even the biggest cleaning jobs can be done in one go. The tank is easily removable so that debris can be disposed of in a drainage area without having to move the entire machine.

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