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Extractor Detergent Gallon


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HELPFUL TIPS: \n \n1. Remove furniture from area to be cleaned, or place protective pads beneath furniture legs to prevent wicking or transfer of stain to your carpet. \n \n2. With a new bag in your vacuum, thoroughly vacuum carpet. \n \n3. Pre-treat traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas with Riccar?Pre-Treatment and Carpet Rejuvenator. \n \n4. Pre-treat pet stains with Riccar?Pet Stain and Odor Remover. \n \n5. Clean your carpet, following your machine manufacturer's instructions. Make sure your water does not exceed 140 degrees. DO NOT use a heater on your extractor if equipped with one. High temperatures cause poor results and damage your carpet's stain resistant properties. \n \n6. After cleaning, brush your carpet pile in one direction using a pile brush or shag rake. \n \n7. Most important of all: When carpet is completely dry, put a clean, new bag in our vacuum cleaner, and vacuum thoroughly to remove the final bits of crystallized cleaner and soil. \n \n8. If you are using the Riccar detergent in a household type extractor with a reservoir tank for the detergent, mix the detergent with two parts water before filling the solution reservoir. Riccar detergent is a concentrated, commercial quality cleaner designed for optimal effects at 1 oz./gallon, while household extractors use a 3 oz./gallon light duty cleaner. \n \n9. There's no need to use a defoamer or to apply a stain-protection treatment to your carpet when using the Riccar detergent. Defoamer and stain-protection treatment can cause your carpet to lose its natural stain=resistant properties and re-soil much quicker.