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MAKE YOUR OWN MASKS!! Kirby Green, Miele, and Riccar HEPA bags can be used for mask materials. Call us at 817-732-5400 for more info.

Kirby Pre-Treatment Heavy Traffic


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Works With: Kirby 505-516 Kirby 1CR Kirby Classic Kirby 1CB Kirby Omega Kirby 2CB Kirby Classic III Kirby 3CB Kirby Tradition Kirby Generation 3 Kirby G3 Kirby Generation 4 Kirby G4 Kirby Generation 5 Kirby G5 Kirby Generation 6 Kirby G6 Kirby Ultimate Kirby Diamond Edition Kirby Sentria Description:Advanced Formula, Tough On Old Stains, Inhibits Re-Soiling. 22oz For Use On Carpets As A Pre Treatment On Heavily Soiled Areas Such As Entryways, Walkways, And Kitchen Carpets. Contains Heavy Duty Cleaning Agents To Quickly Dissolves Soil So It Can Be Effectively Removed By Shampooing