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MAKE YOUR OWN MASKS!! Kirby Green, Miele, and Riccar HEPA bags can be used for mask materials. Call us at 817-732-5400 for more info.

Odor Out Lemon Carpet Fresh


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  • Easily vacuums Safe, light, non-abrasive, biodegradable cellulose (natural) \nbased formula stays on top of carpet. It easily vacuums up \nbecause of the larger particle size unlike competing \ndeodorizing carpet powders.
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  • Non-abrasive Odor Out?s non-abrasive formulation doesn?t damage vacuum \nparts or carpet fibers, keeping them like new.
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  • Environmentally Friendly Formulated with a biodegradable cellulose base, it?s safe and \ncares for the environment. Odor Out is available for sale in all 50 \nstates, North American, and Europe.
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