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MAKE YOUR OWN MASKS!! Kirby Green, Miele, and Riccar HEPA bags can be used for mask materials. Call us at 817-732-5400 for more info.



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Original Riccar type RF20UP vacuum cleaner filters are standard on Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premium upright vacuum cleaners. These filters can also be used to upgrade the filtration level on other R20?models as well. ?The Riccar RF20UP?filter kit includes (1) foam charcoal impregnated filter and (1) HEPA media filter. \n \nThe RF20UP?filters are constructed with high grade materials to insure peak performance in your Riccar R20UP Vibrance Ultra Premiumupright vacuum. ?These filters help with odors and eliminate dust while maintaing peak performance and airflow. ?We recommend replacing the RF20UP?HEPA Media and Charcoal Filter Set once a year or every 12 bag changes.