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MAKE YOUR OWN MASKS!! Kirby Green, Miele, and Riccar HEPA bags can be used for mask materials. Call us at 817-732-5400 for more info.

Riccar Foaming Kitchen Cleaner


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  1. Foaming Kitchen Degreaser is specially formulated to perform the four functions of a superior detergent: ?wetting, penetration, soil suspension and emulsification. ?Simply apply a light spray to area to be cleaned, and allow it to work.
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  3. After a few moments, the soil rises to the surface, making it easy to wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth. ?Turn the cloth several times. ?Extremely soiled surfaces may require more than one application.
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  5. For metal surfaces, finish cleaning by polishing with Riccar Stainless Steel Cleaner to bring out the natural beauty of the metal and to protect from fingerprints and stains.
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