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Jansan Sports Face Mask JS-8142


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  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - Anti-pollution guard with adjustable  nose clip. Hook & loop strap can adjust for comfort and fit. It effectively seals and prevents fogging, keeps the product from slipping.
  • MESH MATERIAL - The anti-pollution mask is made of polyester, which offers excellent permeability. This lightweight dust face shield is comfortable, breathable and great to wear in cold and hot weather.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL - This product filters out most of dust, chemicals, pollen, smoke, fumes, exhaust, and particles. It is excellent for people with pollen allergies, painting, mowing, woodworking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.
  • BREATHING VALVE - Dual one-way valves allow easier exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide, providing smooth breathing, glasses do not fog up.
  • WASHABLE MESH MASK - The mesh fabric mask is washable  and can be reused. The activated carbon filters are replaceable. This makes it easy to clean and lasts significantly longer than your average face shield.
  • INCLUDES: 1 Activated 5 Ply Carbon Filter   (5 Pk Filters JS-1800 sold separately)




Hand wash the mesh outer mask and valves in warm soapy water, rinse, hang to air dry. Do not use bleach. Always replace the inner filter at each outer mask washing.

Replacing of the Filter

The effective working time of the mask filters depend on several different factors such as the breathing rate of the user; Ambient levels of pollution; The length of time the filter is in use and user hygiene levels.Taking these factors into account we recommend that the filter should be replaced a minimum of every week or when you notice a filter performance decline, whichever is sooner.


  • 30 x 16CM - one size fits most people
  • Polyester mesh
  • Grey
  • Includes 1 Activated Carbon Filter