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Sebo Airbelt D4 Premium Onyx Collection (Black) 90640AM


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (817) 485-1121 for more information.

Product Descriptions

This SEBO AirBelt D4 model is a part of the SEBO Onyx Collection. The Onyx Collection models boast a larger 10/10/7 Warranty, and all come with a SEBO Value Pack. Which gives you more reach and tools for every cleaning scenario. These bonuses are included for no additional cost to you- you just need to purchase directly from an Authorized SEBO dealer (such as ourselves). Please Contact Us for Purchasing

The SEBO D4 will clean all hard flooring, and all pile / height carpeting. This machine comes with an electric carpeting power head to accommodate any carpeting levels. This head will also clean any and all hard flooring if you prefer to not switch your attachments. If you do like to switch your flooring attachments, the D4 also comes with a hard flooring attachment to dust and vacuum your hard flooring. Your 3 specialty cleaning attachments are stored on the backside of your canister for easy reach and cleaning. Paired with SEBO's Value Pack, you also receive: a tool adapotor, a 24" flexible crevice tool, an upgraded parquet hard flooring attachment, a handheld upholstery attachment, and a 9 foot hose extension! All paired with a 10 year parts, 10 year motor, and 7 year labor warranty!

Additional Information:

This SEBO D4 is a full-size, ultra-quiet, canister vacuum cleaner. It comes with three on-board attachments. We love as attachments are never again lost. It has a giant 1.5-gallon capacity bag, and an unmatched 40-foot cord! This gives you a 52-foot cleaning radius. Along with protective rubber-coated wheels, a durable telescopic tube with quick-release connections, it also boasts a full bag or clog indicator. The AirBelt D4 features excellent filtration, and a one-of-a-kind LED indicator that enables suction power to be optically monitored. A unique tapered suction hose with a 320° rotating canister connection increases airflow velocity , minimizes clogs, improves maneuverability , and its soft-foam bumper protects the vacuum, furniture, and walls from scuffs and scratches.

The D4’s commercial-quality ET-1 powerhead cleans both carpets and hard floors. This power head is excellent for pet hair removal. This power head provides manual brush roller shut of. The extension side of its L-shaped contour makes cleaning under furniture easy. The ET-1 has a 3.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile, tool-free brush roller removal, and automatic shut off due to brush roller obstructions. The D4’s suction adjustment switch is located on its ergonomically designed handle, which also provides users effortless control of the power head’s 180° steering ability. A parquet brush is included for cleaning hard floors with straight suction. This attachment has bristles of varied heights allowing for cleaning deep in cracks and crevices, and no more sweeping!


User Benefits: Great performance in a full size canister. Ideal cleaning on both hard surface and carpeted surfaces. 15" cleaning path on the ET-1 Power head.

User Cons: HEPA Filtration is not available for this unit

ET-1 Powerhead - This powerhead comes with easy brushroll removal as well as worn brush/improper height setting and brush roll jam sensors. The user can manually select from 4 different height adjustments for any carpeting length. The brush roll has a manual shut-off as well if the user wants to use straight suction to clean their flooring

Parquet Floor Brush - Nothing cleans hard surface flooring better than a all suction parquet floor brush. The low profile design with the soft bristles ensures dirt and debris are removed from the uneven cracks and grout of your flooring. The bristles not only secure the dirt but also perform as a duster,

Airbelt D4 Filtration - S-Class filtration means 99.9% of particles down to .3 microns and larger are filtered from your homes air. A large multi-layer filter bags captures the majority of dirt and dust and can be sealed from hygienic and convenient removal. There is also a pre-motor filter that removes pollutants before they pass through the motor helping to improve the motors lifespan by increased cooling capacity.

Cleaning Radius - The Airbelt D4 Premium Canister vacuum gives users a 40ft cord, 7ft hose and an extendable wand. All of this combined makes for a 52ft cleaning radius. This is one of the largest in the vacuum industry. The increased cleaning radius will save you time and can increase the areas you clean.

On Board Accessories - A dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool all come standard with the Airbelt D4. This attachments are ideal for your car, furniture or even deep cleaning bedrooms. You will never have to go far for these tools as they are conveniently stored on the canister itself.

On Handle Suction Control - The suction can be controlled on the handle giving users the ultimate ability to adjust suction for different cleaning situations. Users will want to to use maximum suction on hard flooring and less suction on furniture and carpeted surfaces.

Airbelt D4 Protective Canister - The Airbelt canister gets its name from the protective bumper that goes around the sides of the canister. The patented bumper protects your walls, furniture and any other area that can be nicked or dinged from from a sliding canister. Rubber lined castor wheels help lead the unit around your house with ease and also protect your hardwood and laminates from black scarring.

Warranty - SEBO gives the Airbelt D4 Premium canister a 5 year warranty with purchase. This means the user is assured of quality construction and performance. This warranty covers all labor and non wear parts costs for 5 years after purchase (vacuums used for commercial purposes not covered).


The Onyx Collection is exclusively sold in-store by SEBO’s “Medalist Dealers!” The vacuum-cleaner models included in the Collection offer SEBO’s FREE extended warranty coverage of 10-years non-wear parts, 10-years motor, and 7-years labor!

In addition to the 10/10/7 warranty, each model may include a money-saving “Value Pack” of additional accessory items that will make cleaning your home easier. Choose the model that suits you best, and enjoy the comfort of knowing you have the world’s best vacuum cleaner covered by an unmatched warranty!


  1. SEBO America or an Authorized Dealer will provide the original owner free repair services, including freight charges (if applicable), and any parts needed to fix a broken or defective SEBO vacuum cleaner, power head, duo Brush Machine, or DISCO Polisher, which fails within the scope of ordinary household use, for the following warranty periods, all of which begin on the date of the new product purchase:
    • Seven Years Motor(s). All SEBO motors (brush and suction) are covered.
    • Five Years Parts. See Item #5 for list of exclusions.
    • Five Years Labor. All warranty labor must be performed by SEBO America or an Authorized SEBO Dealer.
    • Lifetime X Belts. On SEBO AUTOMATIC X vacuums, a lifetime warranty is provided on the drive belts, which also includes the labor costs to replace them.
  2. SEBO America or an Authorized SEBO Dealer must complete all warranty repairs.
  3. To locate an Authorized SEBO Dealer in your area, or to register a warranty claim in the United States, please use the Dealer Locator available at, call SEBO America at 800-334-6614, or send an e-mail to
  4. The warranties provided for above apply exclusively to SEBO vacuum cleaners, associated power heads, DUO Brush Machines, and DISCO Polishers, which are used residentially. No warranty is provided for these SEBO machines that are used commercially.
  5. The Wear Parts excluded from warranty coverage include brush rollers, brush strips, sealing strips, external cords, crevice nozzles, upholstery nozzles, dusting brushes, all optional attachments, and used bags or filters.
  6. Bags and filters that have a manufacturer’s defect and are unused are covered under warranty and will be replaced with the same item.
  7. This warranty applies only while your SEBO machine is physically located within the United States of America.
  8. The purchase receipt showing the date, price, and item of purchase is the initial document of proof of purchase, and it determines the validity of warranty. To be certain that your warranty claim can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, please retain your original purchase receipt and mail in the warranty card, which was provided with your new SEBO vacuum cleaner. You may also complete warranty registration on our website at
  9. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.
  10. This warranty applies only to SEBO products purchased from Authorized SEBO Dealers located in the United States of America.


  • Products that are second-hand, or products outside of the warranty period.
  • Machines that have not been assembled, used, or maintained in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Machines, bags, filters, and spare parts designed or intended for use in countries other than the USA.
  • Defects or damage caused by the use of non-genuine SEBO parts, including but not limited to bags, filters and spare parts, or machines that have unauthorized modifications.
  • Defects or damage caused by service or parts provided by a Non-Authorized SEBO Dealer.
  • Machines in which filters have been washed and/or bags have been reused.
  • Typical wear and tear, accident, other casualty, misuse, neglect, improper use or maintenance, or any machine in which the serial number has been altered or removed.
  • Normal maintenance, such as the removal of clogs or cleaning brush rollers.
  • Damage caused by external sources, such as liquids, hot materials, weather or proximity to heat, e.g., fires, ovens, radiators, etc.

EXCLUSIVE REMEDY: The remedies provided under the terms of this Warranty are the purchaser’s exclusive remedies and are in lieu of any remedies otherwise available.

LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: SEBO makes no other representations or warranties, expressed or implied, and specifically excludes the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose where allowed. The entirety of this limited warranty, and all implied warranties, shall only be applicable during the specified time periods provided within this limited warranty. SEBO will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature. This disclaimer of implied warranties shall not apply to the extent said disclaimer is not allowed by applicable federal and/or state law. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.